Zest it Pencil Blending Medium 125ml


Zest it Pencil Blending Medium 125ml

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Pencil Blend is non-toxic and non-flammable which many Pencil Artists value for use with their pencils and studio environment. It has been thoroughly tested with many makes of Coloured Pencil  for its excellent blending qualities.

It leaves no residue of itself once dry, it is economical in use as a small amount goes a long way. You can ‘top-up’ the Blending Sponge 10 times with a 50 ml. It has very low VOC’s which means little is lost to the atmosphere, many prefer the safer aspects of the solvent than odourless mineral spirit or similar solvents, most of which are flammable.

Find out more at Zest It’s Pencil Blend site

Pencil blend has been tested with the following products:

Using Pencil Blend and a brush.
The Coloured Pencil was applied to watercolour paper in the normal way.

  • A Blending Sponge was used to dampen a soft 1/4″ flat brush by pressing the brush to the sponge surface.
  • The dampened brush was used to blend the coloured pencil. It was blended from dark to light, giving a soft transition of colour.
  • Using a brush means the under-painting can be completed very quickly and the ‘tooth’ of the paper is retained.
  • The area can be left to dry or further Coloured Pencil can be added to the area whilst the paper is still damp, each will give a different look.


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