Watercolours : Shirley Trevena


Watercolours : Shirley Trevena

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Shirley Trevena is a successful and popular watercolourist with a huge international fan base. Throughout her career Shirley has pushed the boundaries of watercolour and is regarded as one of Britain’s most innovative artists in that medium.

Shirley’s watercolours are vibrant in colour, visually inspiring and strong in composition. In this book, Shirley shares her thoughts, ideas, stories and sketches of more than 100 paintings to give a valuable insight into the evolving work of a much-loved artist.

Shirley breaks the conventional rules of watercolour in many different ways: through her exciting compositions, strange perspectives and above all, the strength and vibrancy of her colour combinations. In this exciting and inspiring book, Shirley gives her personal view of painting and shares her creative process with us.

ISBN 9781849942669


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