Seawhite Self Healing Cutting Mat A3+


Self Healing Cutting Mat A3+

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Cutting Mat A3+

  • Heavy duty, self-healing cutting mat
  • With graduated guides

What is a self-healing cutting mat?

Self-healing cutting mats protect surfaces from damage and marks while using sharp cutting tools, and maintain a smooth surface for you to work upon. They also help workers maintain accurate cuts, and protect tools from damage, allowing them to be used for longer. These features make them the perfect, cost-effective solution for crafting and art.

These dark green self-healing cutting mats from Seawhite are essential for crafters and artists needing help in creating effortless straight cuts. Each mat is heat-resistant, odourless and has a tough base that will protect working surfaces when you’re cutting. These self-healing cutting mats include one side that is marked in gridded squares of 1cm to make measuring easier.