Pure Watercolour Painting: Peter Cronin


Pure Watercolour Painting: Peter Cronin

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Learn how to use traditional watercolour techniques to produce beautiful, contemporary paintings that are full of light, colour and life. Packed with inspirational finished paintings and step-by-step projects, this engaging book teaches you how to use watercolours in their purest form, without the addition of any other media, to create art that has a radiancy and luminosity that cannot be achieved in any other way.

About Peter Cronin

Peter Cronin is a member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, the Royal Watercolour Society of Wales and the Pure Watercolour Society. Having been painting in watercolour for over thirty years, Peter has gained an enviable reputation in his chosen medium. He is completely self-taught and is an enthusiastic ambassador for watercolour painting. Through his teaching, workshops and demonstrations he seeks to encourage, equip and help all who love painting.

Peter lives in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.


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