Portable Painter – Watercolour Palette

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Portable Painter – The Hands Free Watercolour Palette

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PORTABLE PAINTER – The Portable Watercolour Palette    
The original Portable Painter – watercolour palette Classic fits effortlessly in a pocket or purse so it’s always with you. At about the size of a smartphone, the Portable Palette converts in seconds to a complete watercolour palette with built-in water wells. It is therefore a perfect solution for watercolour painters who like to paint ‘en plein air’ (or outdoors!).
Ideal for creating your own colour palette. You may use any tube paint in this palette and it will retain a semi moist surface for easy painting.
You may consider pairing this with some Daniel Smith Watercolour or Winsor & Newton Artists Watercolour It is also compatible with standard half pans if that is what you use.
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