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Northwich History Tour

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Northwich History Tour

Author Paul Hurley

Northwich has been an important settlement since at least Roman times.

The salt beds of Cheshire deserve more than a quick mention as it is here in Northwich and the surrounding areas that the prosperity of the town was based. Two other towns – Nantwich and Middlewich – joined Northwich to become known as the three Witches, or Wyches, of Cheshire. Much is known of the subsidences in Northwich when wild brine was pumped, and the voids that were left collapsed. Winsford is now the main supplier of rock salt nationwide. Because of this, this small tour book will include photos of the results of the many subsidences that occurred in the town.

Join local author Paul Hurley as he guides us around the streets and alleyways, parks and buildings of Northwich, showing its famous landmarks and exploring its lesser-known sights and hidden corners. With the help of a handy location map, readers are invited to follow a timeline of events and discover for themselves the attractions of Northwich.


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