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Newplast Modelling Clay 500g Black

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Newplast is a non-drying, reusable modelling material. Still available in the traditional layered bar, it is sufficiently pliable to make a wide variety of models, but firm enough to retain its shape indefinitely. Newplast is the material specified by many animators as being the best product of its type available. Waterproof and oil based.

NEWPLAST INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Suitable for use by children age 3+.

Always protect work surfaces, furnishings and clothes while using Newplast as it may stain. Any staining to clothes can sometimes be removed by soaking overnight before washing.

Newplast is extremely difficult to remove from carpets and fabrics, so protection is by far the best way to avoid problems. Carpet or fabric cleaner might help – remove as much of the excess Newplast as possible first. Do not use water. Being oil-based, Newplast is softened by solvents such as paraffin and nail varnish remover (CAUTION: highly inflammable) which makes it easier to remove but might also damage the carpet or fabric.

Newplast is non-setting and non-drying so it does not need to be kept in an air-tight container but this is recommended in any case to keep it clean. Store in a warm place – above 15°C if possible – as cold conditions might make the Newplast hard and crumbly. Hard and crumbly Newplast can sometimes be recovered by mixing in a little oil, e.g. linseed.

For best results, Newplast should be softened slightly before commencing work. Kneading small quantities in the hand is ideal. Alternatively, wrap a piece in foil or cling-film and carry it in a pocket for 15 minutes. Once the Newplast is pliable, it can be rolled out on a hard, smooth surface to form sheets and it can be embossed, pressed or cut into a variety of shapes using a sharp knife or pastry cutters. Like Newclay and URO, Newplast can also be shaped by hand to produce large, intricate models. Sheets and strands of URO can be layered, plaited or twisted together.

Different Newplast colours can be combined to produce an infinite range of colours or ‘marble’ effects. (Tip: washing hands thoroughly between colours is recommended for preventing unwanted mixing. Soap and water should suffice but baby wipes or cleaning lotions may be used to remove any colour which remains on the hands.)

Do not expose to heat. Not suitable for eating.