Masters’ Small Brush Cleaner & Preserver


Masters’ Small Brush Cleaner & Preserver

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A low odour solvent which evaporates slowly, increases blending time and is suitable for thinning oil colours and cleaning brushes.Suitable for oil & alkyd colour.Well suited to artists who prefer to avoid exposure to turpentine. Liquid White is a Bob Ross Liquid Basecoat essential to the Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique®. The basecoat allow us to actually blend and mix colors right on the canvas rather than working ourselves to death on the palette.  The Medium can also be used to thin other colours for application over thicker paints.  The idea that a thin paint will stick to a thick paint is the basis for this entire technique. A natural solvent made from pure ingredients which is pH neutral and contains no CFC’s or aromatics. It is non-flammable and non-toxic. Easily removes fresh oil paint from all your brushes, sable, sable mix, synthetic or bristle. It can even remove dried paint. Zest-it is reusable, just let the sediment to settle out and re-use. Can also be used as a painting medium/Oil paint dilutant.


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