Manuscript Callicreative Italic Markers – Metallic Set of 4 (2.4mm)


Manuscript Callicreative Italic Markers – Metallic Set of 4 (2.4mm). MM6645

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Learn the art of faux calligraphy or lettering with our award-winning Callicreative Metallic Italic Markers, perfect for adding some sparkle to any design! Manuscript’s Metallic Markers provide a superior writing experience that will make your feel like you’re writing with a fountain pen. With a firm high quality italic cut tip, produce genuine italic calligraphy style lettering with ease. These versatile markers contain metallic particles to add a great shimmer finish, perfect for any design project whether its fine calligraphy or broad lettering. These markers are ideal for hand-lettering, note taking, bullet journaling or large scale design work. Ideal to keep your creative juices flowing at home or on the go!. 2 Callicreative Metallic Italic Markers with a 2.4mm nib – Colours may vary.


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