Essdee Lino Cutting & Printing Kit


Lino Cutting & Printing Set

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This comprehensive kit from Essdee includes a wide selection of tools and materials for Lino cutting and printing.

You can experiment with artisan printing techniques and compare traditional lino with the new, innovative Soft Cut materials, which add new possibilities for beginners and experienced users alike. This extensive kit would be ideal for making unique cards, gifts, posters or artworks.

Contains; 5 lino cutters, 1 safety lino cutter, 1 lino cutter handle, 1 aluminium ferrule, 2 mounted 7 x 5” lino blocks, 2 mounted 6 x 4” soft cut blocks, 1 practice piece, 1 4” ink roller, 1 ink tray, 1 safety hand guard, 1 baren cap, 1 baren base, 1 100ml tube of waterbased ink, 2 45mm soft cut printing stamps and an instructional booklet.


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