How to Draw People – Susie Hodge


How to Draw People – Susie Hodge

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How to Draw People – Susie Hodge

Artists, whatever their skill levels, will love this easy approach to what is normally regarded as a challenging subject. An instructional introduction to drawing people, the book completely demystifies the whole process, showing how to build up great pictures using simple shapes and step-by-step illustrations. Words are not needed, as artists will be able to follow the sequences without any difficulty. Two colours are used effectively in a helpful way in each of the sequences and the superb collection of twenty eight drawings offers a range of different ages, ethnicities and poses. People at home, at work and at play are included, and using the building blocks in this book, beginners will soon find themselves producing fantastic finished drawings. More experienced artists interested in drawing figures will also find inspiration amongst the demonstrations on every page.

Table of Contents

  • Extremely simple step-by-step drawing method
  • A variety of faces of different ages and ethnicities in a range of poses and facial expressions
  • Great for absolute beginners or any artists wanting to brush up their drawing skills

About the Author

About Susie Hodge

Susie Hodge has written over 100 books on art, art history and artistic techniques. In addition, she hosts lectures, talks and practical workshops, and regularly appears on television and radio, as well as in documentaries. She has twice been named the No. 1 art writer by The Independent.

For more information about Susie, visit her website


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