Cranfield Caligo Safewash Black 250ml


Cranfield Caligo Safewash Black 250ml

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Cranfield Caligo Safewash Relief Ink Black 250ml

Cleaning up with soap and cold water, these oil-based relief inks offer the best of all worlds.

This innovative range of oil-based inks can be washed away with liquid soap and water, without the need for harmful and often more expensive solvents. Ideal for printmakers interested in a safe and non-toxic alternative.

Add a little Safe Wash Oil to dilute any inks from the Safe Wash Relief or Etching range. This is made from the same washable oil medium used in the Safe Wash colors. Made with polymerised linseed oil, and like the inks – it’s washable. It has a viscosity of about 30 poise (similar to the consistency of a medium-bodied varnish or copper plate oil).

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