Caran D’Ache Artist Pastel Pencil Set of 20


Caran D’Ache Artist Pastel Pencil Set of 20

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Caran d’Ache extends its pastel range. Carefully selected by leading pastel artists, these PASTEL PENCILS assortments are intended for both beginners and experienced amateur or professional artists, for preliminary work and detailed finishing of a huge variety of subjects.

The Standard Assortment of 12 Colours is a selection of basic colours to introduce the techniques of dry pastel work, particularly the use of primary colours and shadows. It is suitable for sketching numerous subjects such as still-life compositions and landscapes.

Flesh (042), Burnt Sienna (069), Dark Sepia (408), Black (009), Phthalo Green (719), Ultramarine Violet (631), Scarlet (070), Fast Orange (300), Chinese White (901), Plum (105), Light Grey (003), Ochre (035), Raw Russet (066), Dark Green (229), Middle Moss Green 10% (232), Ultramarine (140), Night Blue (149), Light Cadmium Yellow (512), Pale Yellow (011)