Aquawax Liquid Wax Medium 300ml


Brusho Aquawax Paper Batic Medium 300ml

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Aquawax For Paper Batik designs and techniques.

Ready to use liquid wax! Non-toxic – no heat – no mess. Suitable for all Ages. Idea for use with Watercolour, Hydrus inks and Brusho and other mediums.
Just use straight from the bottle. No heat required. For more detailed instructions see the instructions here: Aquawax Instructions

VOC, Oil and Solvent free.

Shake bottle before use. Apply the wax at full strength to the paper with a brush and leave flat to dry thoroughly.(If required the drying process can be accelerated by warming to not more than 40C). As an alternative to applying by brush, try sponging, splashing etc. Once dry, the wax will resist any water-based paint, leaving unpainted areas. Wash brushes out immediately after use.For ceramic work-  apply similarly to the surface and leave to dry.


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