Bob Ross Liquid Clear 250ml


Bob Ross – Liquid Clear for Oil Painting 250ml

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Bob Ross – Liquid Clear for Oil Painting 250ml

The key foundation of Bob Ross’ wet-on-wet technique, as seen in award-winning ‘The Joy of Painting’, Liquid Clear provides a unique base coat to your painting surface and is smooth and slow drying. It allows for the blending and mixing of oil paints directly on the canvas. Importantly, Liquid Clear does not dilute the intensity of colours and should be applied sparingly.

The Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique is a technique that enables an oil painter to work quickly wet-on-wet, much like a watercolour painter would do. You apply the Liquid Clear mediums first to ‘wet’ the canvas, then follow the demonstration of techniques by Bob Ross to create a representational painting in a short amount of time. Standard sizing and priming is advised before using this product.


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