5 Minute Sketching – People – Pete Scully


5 Minute Sketching – People – Pete Scully

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5 Minute Sketching – People – Pete Scully

Great drawings in just five minutes! Perfect for beginners!

Whether you are sketching on the move or only have a few minutes to spare whilst standing in line, dust off your sketchbook with 5-Minute Sketching: People. This approachable handbook, full of bite-sized tips, will help you deconstruct figures and faces quickly and incorporate drawing into your everyday life. There are tips on how to focus on the key elements of a scene and create mood and movement.

People come in all shapes and sizes but with expert tips and inspiring sketches from the renowned Urban Sketcher Pete Scully you will learn how to capture them in no time at all. Relish the challenge of capturing a loved one’s smile or the energy of a crowd in just five minutes!


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How to see
Outline simple shapes, Basic proportion: faces, Basic proportion: bodies, Basic arms and legs, Easy facial features, Hair in a hurry, Quick composition, Fast backgrounds, Play with perspective, Focus on foreshortening, Catch negative space

Chapter 2: Quick on the draw
Quick direct portrait, speedy selfies, Easy profiles, Playing with posture, Simple seated poses, Speed up with, dynamic poses, Draw the verb, Capture motion: dance, Capture motion: sports, Include speech, Capture conversation, Catch the passers-by, Crowds made easy, Clothes done quick, Focus on the emotion, Sketch commuters, Drawing children, Showing age

Chapter 3: Time-saving techniques
Use minimal lines, Fast and loose lines, Try tight lines, Try thick lines, Contour drawing, Fast texture, Speedy scribbling, Hasty hatching, Shade quickly, Catch the light, Simple tonal values, Play with contrast, Sketch over colour, Quick colour values

Chapter 4: Speedy supplies
Quick ink, Quick coloured pencils, Quick markers, Quick paint, Quick pastels and charcoal, Sketch first, colour second, Play with paper, Go digital for speed, Sketch off page

Key elements

About the Author

About Pete Scully

Pete Scully is originally from London, UK but now lives in California. He has drawn endlessly ever since he first picked up a pen. He is an urban sketcher and avid keeper of sketchbooks.
He received a bachelor’s degree in drama and French at Queen Mary University, as well as a master’s degree in medieval English at King’s College, London. While living in the south of France in 2002, he met and married a Californian woman and moved to Davis, California in 2005. During his first summer in Davis, he began drawing incessantly as a way to record his new home, posting the results on a sketchblog. Pete drew his inspiration from other online sketchers, and in 2008 he became a charter member of the now internationally popular website, Urban Sketchers.


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