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Schminke Aqua Bronze Powders (which used to be called Tro-Col-Bronze) is a series of brilliant dry pigments for use with watercolors and gouache. 

Achieve stunning gilded effects in your paintings and other artwork with Schmincke Bronze Pigments. There is a dried medium within these powders, just add water and you have a wonderful brilliant glossy and luminous metallic paint ready to use. Tro-Col means dry color. 
Schmincke created these colors in the first half of the 20th century when artists were already using dry powder colors for tempera gouache. Created by combining Bronze powder with a dry dextrin glue binder, they retain the highest gloss and luminosity when mixed immediately before painting sessions. 
These Schmincke Tro-Col pigments can be used with watercolours, gouache and tempera. 20ml Jars

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