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Clay & Modelling Medium

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Clay & Modelling

Scola Air Dry

No kiln required!

Available in 12.5kg, 4.5kg, 2.5kg and 1kg

Children can enjoy the experience of using clay with no need for the expense or safety issues of a kiln.

A natural product, mined locally in Staffordshire, the home of the Potteries and Shropshire.

Added Nylon fibres to give extra strength to the finished model.

Can be moulded, shaped and stretched.

Improves hand strength which prepares fingers for pen and pencil use in the future.

Explores understanding of basic concepts – hard/soft, wet/dry.

Use with modelling tools and textured plates.

Finished models can be decorated with almost any paint and given a coat of PVA or varnish to give a glossy finish.

Dried pieces can be reconstituted by covering with a damp cloth overnight.

Wheat and Gluten Free.


FIMO Soft 57g

FIMO Soft is easy to work with and requires little conditioning. 

FIMO Soft is available in 29 colours and can be combined with other clays, particularly FIMO Effect, to open endless possibilities.

Although convenient to use, objects made with FIMO Soft clay are very durable and strong after baking. 

Oven-bake at 110°C for 30 minutes to harden permanently.


Newplast is a non-drying, re-usable modelling material. It is still available in the traditional layered bar form familiar to many generations of children and adults. Newplast is sufficiently pliable to make a wide variety of models, but is firm enough to retain its shape indefinitely.

Newplast is the material specified by most animators (including Aardman Animations) as being the only fit-for-purpose product of its type available. Similarly, it is used extensively in education and in industry for a wide variety of applications ranging from construction to medical device manufacture.

Plaster Of Paris

Quick setting good quality Plaster of Paris.

Simply mix with water and pour. Can be taken out of the mould when cool. Take care as it gets hot as it is setting.

Wear suitable clothes and cover work surface.

Available in 1kg, and 3 kg bags - larger sizes can be ordered on request.

Modroc Roll MODP275 700x420
  • Modroc is plaster impregnated bandage and in the main is used for making masks, moulds and forming contours
  • It is also great for sculpting and shaping models and making hillside scenery, tunnels and landscapes for model railways etc
  • Easy to use, you simply soak in warm water and shape and wrap round whatever you require
  • These larger bulk rolls are popular for schools and big projects

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