Daniel Smith Watercolour Paint

Daniel Smith Extra Fine watercolours were released in 1993 and have great renown with artists across the world.

The colours in the range combine ancient hues and precious minerals with the most modern developments in paint technology. Daniel Smith strive to produce watercolours with the best possible lightfastness and permanence.

The PrimaTek colours are made with genuine minerals, finely ground into pigments. Many are semi-precious minerals, such as amethyst, hematite and lapis lazuli.

The Luminescent range contains four different types. Iridescent colours reflect light like a mirror while Interference colours refract and scatter the light. Duochrome paints bounce between two colours depending on the light source, and Pearlescent colours add an opalescent shine.

Daniel Smith’s products are not tested on animals. The only animal-derived ingredient is the pigment PBk9. PBk9 is found in the following watercolours only: Sepia, Ivory Black, Joseph Z’s Neutral Grey, and Payne’s Gray.