Chalky Finish Glass Paint

Chalky Finish for Glass

Clean surface with alcohol. Apply paint with a synthetic brush. Allow to cure 4 days. For a dishwasher-safe finish on oven-safe surfaces, place finished piece in a cool oven, set temperature to 350degree F, bake for 30 minutes, then cool with oven door partially open. Not for direct contact with food. Cleans up with soap and water.

Tips for Chalky Finish for Glass

After paint has dried but before baking, create a distressed look by using fine-grit sandpaper or a wet cloth to remove paint from raised surfaces or edges.

Wipe away any sanding dust with a soft, white cloth before baking for a dishwasher-safe finish.

Use a hair dryer on a low setting to speed up the drying time if necessary. A fan can also be used. This can be especially helpful when working on cylinders or pieces with multiple sides.

Keep paint away from food surfaces and the areas that will come in contact with your mouth. Although the paint is non-toxic, you still don’t want to ingest it.

Always blot your brush on a paper towel to dry it after rinsing in water. You don’t want excess water to remain in the brush while painting.


Before painting, wash the glass in hot soapy water using a soft dishcloth. Price labels and stickers usually remove easily when soaked in hot water. Rinse any soap residue away with warm or hot water, then dry the piece with a soft, lint-free cloth or paper towel.

Handle glass carefully to keep it free of fingerprints, and use rubbing alcohol and a paper towel to remove any prints or smudges.

Clean up small imperfections in still-wet paint by using a wet brush, toothpick, or paper towel to gently wipe off the excess wet paint. To remove all wet paint from a surface, soak the item in warm water.

Correct mistakes in dry paint by using a razor blade to carefully scrape or trim off imperfections.

Allow the painted glassware to dry at least 4 days before use.

If you are combining two glass paint products with different baking times and temperatures, always use the lower temperature and time.

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