Chinese Calligraphy Brushes

Chinese Calligraphy Brushes used in painting is a highly distinctive painting approach, which is traditionally known to decorate paper scrolls and silk, as well as conventional watercolour papers. Chinese painting can be both highly detailed and intricate and also minimal and bold, with very few sharp and vibrant brush strokes making up an image. Chinese painting technique is most commonly used with ink and watercolour paint.
Bamboo dip pens are available with a flat or pointed nib. simply dip into your fluid colour and then apply vibrant marks to your painting surface.

Our bamboo brush pens are a brilliant tool for taking to classes and out in the field. With a sable brush on one end and a bamboo nib on the other, you will be able to apply both washes of colour and linear marks to your work. The sable brush possesses excellent liquid holding capacity and tapers to a very fine point.

We also offer a selection of pure sable brushes designed for Chinese painting technique at Jackson’s Art Supplies. As with the Bamboo brush pen, these sable brushes taper to a very fine point which means that they can be used for broad marks as well as fine lines. It is typical in oriental painting to make your mark and leave it without any overworking, and these brushes are perfect for this technique.

For the sake of affordability whilst maintaining good spring and liquid holding capacity, we also offer a range of goat and sable mix brushes. These are slightly less soft than the pure sable brushes but are still effective in achieving authentic looking chinese painting style brush marks.

If you are just starting out in Chinese painting or are looking for a gift for someone who is interested in this artform, why not browse our brush sets. We have sets of goat hair, mixed hair and weasel hair – all incredibly good value for money and elegant in their appearance.

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Showing all 9 results