Lightfast Watercolour Ink – Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus

Hydrus Watercolour Ink

Introducing Dr. Ph. Martin’s Lightfast Watercolour Ink

Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus watercolour is a liquid pigment-based watercolour ink. It is archival grade, acid free and lightfast.

This liquid watercolour products offers the same brilliance and permanency that can be found in a traditional watercolour tube.

The product can be blended and intermixed whilst maintaining luminous, transparent colour. Due to the watercolour nature of these products, it is easy to build up layers quickly.

Remember when using these lightfast watercolour inks, that a little goes a long way! You really don’t need to use a lot to get a wonderful depth of colour.

They are vibrant colours when undiluted and can be diluted with water to create a softer look. they also work with watercolour mediums to create different effects.

Dr. Ph.Martin's Hydrus Ink Features
Hydrus suitable for use with

Just one drop of these can unleash a world of possibilities

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Hydrus Colour Chart

You can download a copy of the Lightfast Watercolour Ink Colour Chart here

About the company who makes these amazing watercolour inks

Since 1934 Dr. Ph. Martin’s has specialized in putting the tools in the hands of artists that allow them to create their life’s best work. For over 80 years chemists at Dr. Ph. Martin’s have worked tirelessly on creating the best liquid watercolors, inks, and other color products. Dr. Ph. Martin’s products are world renowned for their vivid colors, special properties, and the way they work across mediums.

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