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Explore the world of Brusho Crystal Colours

Brusho is a unique, transparent, highly pigmented water-colour ink powder giving wonderful bursts of colour when used, exclusively manufactured by Colourcraft at their factory in Sheffield.

Brusho Crystal Colour offers a very good degree of light fastness. Totally intermixable, Brusho can be used for everything from painting scrap box models. The burst of colour achieved when using our simple sprinkle techniques is perfect for background colours on paper, card and fabric, to water colour design work and wood staining.

Brusho Powders

Brusho is a versatile medium. It can be used in many ways. Here are some ideas:

Brusho Crystal Colour comes in small white containers with a pull tab. You can open the pot (not recommended as when it falls over it goes everywhere) or you can make some holes in the top. This allows you to control the sprinkle. Personally I use a map push pin to make a single hole.

If you are a beginner then I suggest that you either buy a set or choose some complimentary colours and then experiment.

Play with Brusho Crystal Colour

You will need some pots of Brusho Crystal Colours, some watercolour paper, and a water spritz bottle.

To start of with just experiment with what the pigment contains. When you sprinkle the pigment onto a piece of dry paper and then spritz with water you will see how a single colour is made up out of many individual crystals.

Brusho Sea Green

Now try the same but combine more colours. Brusho Crystal Colour isn’t just for abstract work

You can work with Brusho as a watercolour paint, simply mix the crystals with water in a palette, and paint directly. As a result you will be amazed at the intensity and depth of colour.

Using a clear wax crayon you can create a resist design. Just draw your design onto the paper and sprinkle Brusho Crystal Colour over the design – as if by magic the wax repels the watercolour.

Use Brusho Crystal colour with a stencil and sponge. To add texture mix brusho with an acrylic texture medium and use a palette knife to spread over the stencil.

Mix Brusho Crystal Colour with acrylic matte or gloss medium.

Colourcraft and the manufacturers based in Sheffield, UK. They have an excellent Blog Site where real artists share their tricks knowledge and expertise. Here is a link to a blog post by one of our local artists Rebecca Yoxall

Explore Rebecca Yoxalls Blog

Over to you! Brusho is an amazing medium … what can you make today?

It is especially suited to beginning artists being loose and expressive. Thus making it easier and quicker to learn than traditional watercolour painting.

When applied to a damp surface Brusho explodes into a burst of colour adding a unique effect to any art project. Mix it with acrylic mediums to create even more different effects. Even after many years of use by artists, new possibilities are being found for this amazing product.

Brusho is ideal for use in educational establishments , from primary school children to teachers, lecturers and professional artists.

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