27th April 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Venue: Winnington Hall CW8 4DU

A demonstration of painting with Gouache

Gouache is another of those 'forgotten mediums' but there is no good reason for this. Come on a journey with Anthony Barrow as he shows you the joy in using an opaque watercolour medium that will hopefully encourage you to have a go!

About Gouache

While traditional watercolors are transparent, gouache is a more opaque form of paint. This is an important difference. Gouache is like watercolour paint in that gum arabic is used as the binder and pigments provides the colour. Whereas, the white of the paper provides the light for watercolours, the brilliance of gouache comes from white pigment which is added to the paint to make it opaque. Larger percentages of binder are used than with watercolour and various amounts of inert pigments such as chalk are added to enhance the opacity.

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